Filippo Costa

CS student & computer programmer

Hi! I'm Filippo Costa (aka neysofu). I study Computer Science at UniPi in Pisa, Italy.

I am a technologist first and foremost. I work to deliver efficient and scalable solutions to technical challenges. The craft of software tooling in particular has always piqued my interest and I love working on libraries, APIs, compiler internals and code generation. As such, I often find myself approaching problems from a usability perspective for other developers.

Send me an email for an up-to-date copy of my resume. Here's a partial list of technologies I've worked with in the past:

Rust C (embedded) LLVM Python Lua AWS
Terraform Ansible Elixir & Phoenix

In my free time, I enjoy reading nonfiction, playing chess and puzzle games. I am also passionate about LGBT+ and animal rights!